Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Easily the best day of riding motorcycles and or sidecar in my life. I beat the orange anvil harder than I ever have, and it performed terrific!! I made it up to 10,947 in the beartooth range. The bike did not sputter once! Lots of 2nd and 3rd gear riding, but what do you expect with a 900 pound bike with 500 plus pounds of people and cargo. I also stopped at recycle, which is a Ural dealer in Ralson, Wyoming today. Nice selection of Urals, and other neat and interesting bikes. I did snap a couple of photos, hopefully they come thru on the blog? As I've had a couple of technical difficulties with updating the blog on the road. The route today started out in Sheridan, Wyoming, took Alternate 14 thru the bighorn mountains, went to Cody, Wyoming. We then proceeded to route 212 which is the beartooth pass. The bear tooth pass Rocks!!!!!!!!!'
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