Sunday, July 17, 2011

Had a stupid moment this morning. I decided to check out the pusher tire(the tire behind me). So I placed the rig on the center stand, and started to spin the rear tire, except it was not moving very easy. At this point, I'm thinking something is wrong with the final drive, or transmission, or I don't know what. Long story short, I forgot I set the parking brake, which if you know Urals, usually needs to be adjusted, as well as the rear brakes.

So I left my mistress North Dakota behind:), and drove the width of Minnesota, and now I'm in Superior, Wisconsin. We will drive route 2 east to Ironwood, then 51 south to Stevens Point, then east on route 10 to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where we will take the ferry across Lake Michigan. This is a move to avoid the greater Chicago area. That is all for now.

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